April 1967

Some cast members - Nancy Simeon, Annie Richmond, Mieke Cook, Colin Hodgson, Fiona Anderson, Ian Shields, Janette Meikle, Ellen McIntyre and others

Stewart McColl and Chorus

Elmar Kennedy, Jim Laurie, Margaret McMillan and Chorus
Margaret, Jim and Elmar
Isbel Ninian, Fiona Anderson, Annie Richmond and Janette Meikle

The Dancers

Principals and Dancers.  Margaret McAuslan and Stewart McColl in foreground
Byron Sim, Jean Crawford, Maurice Logue, Margaret McAuslan and Stewart McColl

Ball Scene - Jim Tait conducting

Kathleen Davidson, Margaret McAuslan, Elmar Kennedy, Jean Crawford, Margaret McMillan, Fairlie McGill, Stewart McColl and Bob Tait
Bob Sinclair, Betty Frazer and Colin Hodgson with Chorus

Janette Meikle and Fiona Anderson

Byron Sim and Margaret McAuslan
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