March 2019
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Morag Robertson -

Andy Park -Curtis
Linda McMurray -
Mother Superior
Gordon Fyfe -
Monsignor O'Hara
Donna Laing -
Sister Mary Lazarus
Calum McVittie -
Eddie Souther
Star Penders -
Sister Mary Patrick
Karen Wilkin -
Sister Mary Robert
Production Team
Irene Cameron - Producer
David Edwards - Musical Director
Musical Numbers
William Clark-Ferguson, David McGarvey, Alan Penders -
Pablo, TJ and Joey
Ashley Smith, Jacqui Park, Jennifer McShane -
Tina, Michelle and Janice
Nan Fulton -
Sister Mary Theresa
Lynsey Ewing -
Sister Mary Martin
Colin Young -
Rehearsal Pianist
David Page -
Stage Manager
Hugh Douglas -
Deputy Stage Manager
Fiona Page -
Leslay Clements -
Ann Randall -
Sister Act - Fabulous Baby!
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