April 2005
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Jennifer Leitch - Laurey
Matthew Wilkin - Curly
Angie Kelly - Aunt Ellor
Stuart Tait - Will Parker
Musical Director - Elmar Kennedy
Producer - Peggy Inglis
Graham Campbell - Ali Hakim
Janine Millward - Ado Annie
David Cameron - Jud Fry
Roger Hardie - Andrew Carnes
Jacqui Tait - Gertie Cummings
Gordon Robertson -
Ike Skidmore
Diane Mullen - Choreographer
Judith McNaught -
Concert Party Accompanist
David Macdonald -
Stage Director
Anna Adamson -
Rehearsal Pianist
Amy McMillan -
Rehearsal Pianist
Tom Inglis -
Stage Manager
The Cast at Rehearsal