May 2004
Elmar Kennedy - Musical Director
Linda McMurray - Producer
Kirsty Samuel - Eliza Doolittle
Bill Puckrin - Henry Higgins
Roger Hardie - Colonel Pickering
Ian Sommerville - Alfred P. Doolittle
Margaret Auld - Mrs Pearce
Roslyn Canning - Mrs Eynsford-Hill
Maggie Telfer - Mrs Hopkins
Ricky Martin and Ian Macdonald - Jamie and Harry
Angie Kelly - Mrs Higgins
Paul Goldie - Bartender

The Servants - Irene Cameron, Aileen Armstrong, Nan Fulton, Diane McMillan
                         Frazer MacPhail, Bill Weir, Stephen Armour, Alan Musgrave    

Alan Small - Zoltan Kaparthy
Diane Mullen - Choreographer
David Macdonald -
Stage Manager
Anna Adamson
Amy McMillan
Marion Napier
More photos from the show