April 2003
Kitty Walker - Anna
David Cameron - The King
Janine Millward - Tuptim
Stuart Tait - Lun Tha
Elmar Kennedy - Musical Director
Walter Paul - Producer

Some members of the production team and stage crew -
Margaret Houston, Anne Page, Jean Geiring
David Macdonald, Christopher Dresh, David Page

Irene Cameron - Lady Thiang
Bob Randall -
Sir Edward Ramsay
Ryan Moir - Louis
Jack Greaves - Louis
Declan Goldie -
Prince Chulalongkorn
Alan Musgrave -
Prince Chulalongkorn
Karen Aitchison - Choreographer
The royal dancers
Karen Musgrave -
Princess Ying Yaowlak
Pamela Kent -
Princess Ying Yaowlak
Ian MacDonald -
Frazer MacPhail -
The Kralahome
Jim Granger -
Captain Orton
Princes and Princesses taking a break from rehearsals!
More photos from the show