May 2001

Karen Power (Carrie) and Lynsey Robertson (Julie)
The Fairground Men
Paul Gusterson -
Billy Bigelow
Lynsey Robertson -
Julie Jordan
Andrew McGregor -
Enoch Snow
Karen Power -
Carrie Pipperidge
Scott Gourley -
Jigger Craigin
Linda McMurray -
Mrs Mullin

Irene Cameron - Nettie Fowler

Jimmy Wilson -
Starkeeper/Doctor Seldon
Brian Murray -
Heavenly Friend
Sarah Clark -
Louise Biggelow
David Linton -
Enoch Snow Jnr
Graham McWilliams -
Mr Bascombe
Peggy Inglis -
The Dancers - Shona Randall, Lynn Gourley
Alison Downie, Ian Macdonald and Moyra Downie
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