On Friday 23 September, 2016, patrons and members past and present celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the Society at a special Platinum Anniversary Dinner in the Brisbane House Hotel, Largs.

The President, Fiona Page, welcomed members - past and present, Patrons and Friends. She thanked Lynsey Ewing and Morag Robertson for organising the evening.

She commented that those present were there to celebrate the continued success of LAOS. From that first production of 'A Country Girl' in 1947 to the 2016 production of 'Evita', enthusiastic members have come together to 'put on a show' for local audiences.

Over the years the Producers and Musical Directors have brought their vision of each show to the stage at Barrfields with the help of Backstage Crews, Lighting and Sound experts, Costume and Make-up artists and talented musicians who have made up the Orchestra.

Also there have been the Front of House support of ushers, programme and raffle ticket sellers and helpers selling refreshments.

Whether behind the scenes, in the orchestra pit or front of house, they are too numerous to name individually but their efforts and professionalism have been much appreciated over the last seventy years.

Of course, the show would not go on without a cast - the Principals and the Chorus. Each with a crucial role to play!
The members have done the Society proud for 70 years with their dedication to bringing a professional performance to each LAOS production.   The hard work in rehearsals pays off when audiences show their appreciation with a hearty round of applause or a standing ovation.

The LAOS membership secretary has kept meticulous records.   In line with the governing body NODA, the playing members are credited with their years of active participation with LAOS.

The Committee acknowledged membership of LAOS for every five year milestone, starting from 10 years.

Fiona presented certificates for:

     10 Years - Margaret Docherty, Hugh Douglas, Eila Handyside, Janine Millward, Bob Randall, Elizabeth Robertson, Jimmy Wilson
     15 Years - Ian Macdonald
     20 Years - David Cameron, Jess Scott, Sheila Gullick, Jim MacPhie
     25 Years - Irene Cameron, Bert Tait
     30 Years - Frazer MacPhail, Bill Weir
     45 Years - Nan Fulton

In addition to musical Productions the club can be proud of the entertainment provided by the Concert Party, which offers musical evenings for our Patrons and various local groups throughout the year.

For many years now the accompanist has been Judith McNaught, who was made an Honorary Member.

Although there was a wonderful turnout there were several well-kent faces not present.   Members and friends who were absent due to ill health, wedding celebrations, other commitments or distance, and the many past members and patrons who had sadly passed away were remembered in a toast to Absent Friends.

No celebration is complete without a cake.      Long-standing member, patron and Past President Fiona Anderson cut the special Anniversary Cake. which had been made by club member Lynne Cameron-Finn.

Fiona closed her President's remarks by saying that the club must also look forward to the continuing success of LAOS. It is the members, the patrons and the friends of the club that make it what it is. Their enthusiasm and support will carry us forward to our next production - 'Oklahoma!' - and the ones which follow that!    She called upon Frazer MacPhail to propose the toast to the club.

The company enjoyed a three course meal and later tea/ coffee and cake.

Due to a problem with the electrical supply much of the evening was enjoyed by candle light which offered a pleasant ambiance for the gathering.

The evening was rounded off with musical entertainment expertly provided by 'A Handful of Harmony'  - Ben, Chris, Ailie and Ruth sang a beautiful selection of songs - allowing the assembled members of LAOS to sit back without performing for a change!


Click here for photos of the Anniversary Dinner Party
( Subtitled   ' LIGHTS OUT ! - But the Show must go on ! ' )
The Anniversary Cake, made by club member Lynne Cameron-Finn